Cosmic Greg Hunt

I’m Greg Hunt. I live in Montreal, Canada, where I build things for the web.

I’ve loved creating things for as long as I can remember, but as a kid this came out mostly in the form of writing. I loved information and would go through a process of reading, and re-writing what I've learned so I could organize things in my head. That process of organizing information is probably what I like most about developing websites in general to this day.

You would think I grew up as a computer geek considering that's basically my profession, but in fact I hated being inside, and didn't really like using gadgets. I prefered nature and sports and exploring. I just so happened to fall into the world of computers when I was asked as a teenager to learn Photoshop and make some extra cash designing ads for my dad's advertising business.

I may not have liked computers inherently, but I loved that I was able to create stuff with them and organize information in beautiful and creative ways. And so that's what drove my passion to become the best web developer I could be. Because that allowed me to create as much as possible on a platform that would become ubiquitous.

I've spent most of my professional life developing websites and web apps and as the CTO of a WordPress web agency. Most recently, I've moved on from exclusively customer projects to build software products I think the general public can find use for. Nothing makes me happier than building stuff people will actually use and somehow make their lives a little bit better.