Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt, Web Developer

Kicking Off a More Vocal Chapter

Up until now, our website has acted (and even resembled) more of a business card than a website. It's shameful, really. But priorities somehow re-arrange themselves backwards sometimes. Fortunately, we noticed the irony in it all slightly sooner than later, albeit later than on-time.

We wanted to write beautiful code but there was no one there to see it. Sure, the results were there for our customers, but in general they didn't know the why and how we did what we did for them, they just knew they were satisfied with their final product.

  • Gone are the days of silently toiling away like hermits. Today, we toil in public ‐ for the benefit of all.
  • Want to know what's new with us? Maybe? We'll tell you anyway.
  • Curious if we're working on anything internally? Possibly? Well we are, and we'll tell you about that too.
  • Want tips and knowledge that'll lead to you making better technical decisions for your business? I hope so, and we got you covered.
  • Want first (and maybe only...) access to the freebies we create? Hopefully, so we'll notify you in case you do.

We're more social now too...

In case you get your info from one place in particular, feel free to subscribe there instead. We'll basically just post what's happening here anyway, but maybe it's more convenient for you.