Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt, Web Developer

CTO at Motto

I joined Motto as partner and CTO at the end of 2017, taking it from a 3 person company to over a dozen full time employees in just over a year. During this period I:

  • Created a custom extendible framework for rapid website creation. The architecture and framework was built to safely maintain hundreds of websites that could be quickly deployed by junior developers. It included continuous deployment and automation so it needed little supervision. I hired and trained the junior developers and created a division of the company that was soon after sold and became a large successful company.
  • Rewrote a proprietary product customizer software that was critical to a multinational sports company. I took a novel approach to the task and was able to fix many issues from the previous version, while saving hundreds of hours of manual setup work per product line. This was also eligible for R&D grants.
  • Created an open bootcamp to empower aspiring developers
  • Analyzed the market trends of our industry and led the pivot to become a WordPress specialized web agency to meet demand. This allowed us to reach a more profitable market where I could train and hire developers more efficiently. I helped migrate large Magento e-commerce websites to WooCommerce under tight budgets and timelines, implemented best practices, systems and automations to streamline our production and quality.
  • Systematized and automated the infrastructure of the company itself to save employee and manager time and errors, and produce up to date reporting for better decision making. This included making our own custom ERP system in Laravel in only a few weeks.
  • Created and automated lead generation methods
  • Created custom WordPress plugins for internal and open source use.
  • Led the re-branding and marketing of our company and published industry related content.
  • Led the development of multiple projects for which I wrote applications that granted us funding from Canada's R&D grants.